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Get the SEO performance of your websites and webpages at one place with our dashboard.

Site Explorer

The site explorer gives comprehensive information about a website such as clicks, links, and impressions.

Keywords Explorer

Get accurate data about a keyword with our keyword explorer such as keyword difficulty and traffic.

Meta Title Test

Meta Title Tags provide title to your page in the search engine results. Ez Crawl checks whether title tags are added to your pages.

Meta Description Test

Check whether the meta description gives precise and accurate outline about your webpage with our meta description tester.

Google Search Results Preview Test

Get to exactly where your webpage will rank in Google search results once it is published with our Google search results preview testing tool.

Google Analytics Test

Find out whether your website is connected with Google analytics with our Google analytics tester.

Most Common Keywords Test

Our common keywords tester lets you know the keywords on a webpage and their usage.

Heading Tags Test

Find whether your webpage uses H1 and H2 tags with our tester as they will help the search engine to easily understand your page.

Sitemap Test

A sitemap gives the list of all webpages of a website. It will aid the search engine to get an outline of your website and help them crawl easily.

SEO-Friendly URL Test

Check whether the URL is added with keywords that are SEO-Friendly which eventually helps in the ranking of your website.

Rank Tracker

Track the ranking of websites on search engine result pages (SERPs) with our effective rank tracker tool.

Get SEO report audit report with
insights to rank your website

Social Media Meta Tags Test

You can test whether social media meta tags are added to the web pages with our powerful social media meta tags tester.

Robots.txt test

Get information about whether your website is using Robots.txt file by testing with our Robots.txt test tool.

Favicon Test

With our Fevicon tester, ensure that favicon is being used and implemented correctly on your website.

Content Analysis

Know the right keywords around which you can create content and rank your website. Track content performance and keyword difficulty.

Internal Analyst Test

EzCrawl carries out in-depth internal analysis and gives you a report on internal link quality on the basis of schema.

Image Alt Test

Ensure whether the images on your web pages have alt text so that it helps in easy understanding for search engine.

Back Link Test

Get complete data about the backlinks of a website with our efficient backlink testing tool.

SSL Test

Ensure whether your website uses HTTPS with our SSL Tester. HTTPS are crucial if your website utilizes sensitive customer data.